Tom Phillips

Executive Director
Tom was part of the team of 5 who planted the ESBS in 2006.  Tom earned a B.S. in Geology from Western Carolina University and is a graduate of YWAM’s DTS and SBS programs in Lakeside, Montana.  Julia earned an English degree from UVA and can spell words that Tom didn’t even know existed.  They are the proud parents of Anna and Luke.  They both enjoy biking and camping, and hope one day when they’re done with all the Bible teaching to get very lost on a long hike in the woods.









Ellen Stark

Teacher/classroom administrator

Ellen was an ESBS student in 2011-12 and is in her third year on staff.  She’s a fantastic writer, she’s got a huge heart for discipleship, and she’s GREAT at inductive Bible Study.  Ellen has spent the better part of the last decade back and forth between Colorado and Mexico as she and her family have served in missions.  She did a DTS with YWAM Brisbane, she speaks fluent spanish, she loves sewing (for real) and long walks on the beach (ok I made that one up). Follow her blog here.





Caleb Ives

Teacher/classroom leader-student pastor

Caleb was an ESBS student in 2011-12 and is in his third year on staff.  Caleb holds a masters of theology from Regent University school of Divinity (Virginia Beach).  Before coming to the ESBS Caleb and his wife Latoya were on full-time staff at a church in Michigan.  Caleb, Latoya and their four girls (Lilly, Grace, Maya, Faith) bring a ton of life to the campus.  Caleb is a great worship leader, a solid communicator and a real people-person.  He’s a super addition to our staff.





Lauren Mueller

Teacher/development and planning coordinator

Lauren attended the ESBS in 2013-14 and is now on her first year on staff.  Formerly, she taught high school math and coached volleyball at Spartanburg High School in South Carolina; she currently coaches club volleyball at Upward in Spartanburg. In 2007, Lauren graduated from Converse College with a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Economics in 2007. Lauren is from Alabama and cheers for the only team there: Roll Tide Roll!









Trey and Lizzie Rogers

Teacher/marketing coordinator

Trey and Lizzie came to the ESBS from YWAM Colorado Springs, where they were leading the DTS programs there. Lizzie did her SBS in Montana and helped pioneer the SBS program at YWAM Colorado Springs before joining Trey on DTS staff.  Trey was an ESBS student in 2013-14, and they are now beginning their first year on staff with the ESBS.  They bring a huge passion for excellence, and two more beautiful children to add to our ESBS family (Georgia and Daisy).





Nikki Hiers10271599_746130328807_3419579251365086066_n

Foodservice director

Nikki was an ESBS student in 2007-8, and came back to us in 2013 and is now on her second year on staff, serving up an amazing foodservice program!  She manages and plans everything we eat at the school, essentially running a restaurant serving 7 days a week.  Before coming back to us at ESBS, she served full-time with the World Race, a gap-year adventure in missions, where she took students on an around the world trip in 11 months.  She has an awesome heart to serve young adults, and she’s a huge asset to our community outside the dining hall!







Amy CookScreen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.31.15 AM

Administrative coordinator

Amy was an ESBS student in 2012-13, and came to us after completing a DTS with YWAM Kings Lodge England.  Before joining YWAM, Amy earned a BS in History from Middle Tennessee State University an MA in History from the University of Sheffield.  Amy spent 16 years with the Tennessee public school system as a bookkeeper.  After attending ESBS, Amy spent 18 months on staff with YWAM Harpenden England, as part of their administrative staff.  She has a passion for accounting, and managing the business end of an organization with excellence.  She oversees all of Emmaus Ministries’ budget documents, income, expenses and payroll.